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Introducing the RFengine

The core technology of the Industry4.0 era are RFID, AI and smart factory technology.

Thank you for visiting the RFengine Co., Ltd. website. Our company manufactures RFID automatic recognition devices and remote control devices for smart factories.

We offer solutions that meet customer needs and increase productivity based on innovative technologies and superior quality. Our products help you automate, efficiently manage your production processes, and maximize productivity.
RFengine Co., Ltd. is a company composed of high-tech and passionate team members and puts customer success first. Our goal is to help our customers gain competitiveness and continue to grow through the latest technologies and innovative solutions.

In the future, RFengine Co., Ltd. will do its best to ensure customer success and strive to become a leader in the smart factory sector through continuous innovation and development.

Thank you.

RFengine Co., Ltd